Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Its December already!

I can't beleive its December already. Christmas, presents, family, snow, food, LUNGS? Isn't it weird that the one thing I want the most this Christmas is lungs? Who the hell would ever of thought that one day you would yearn for such a thing. Okay Santa I want, slippers, the last two Twilight books, and oh yeah new lungs!!
Really though I am exctied for my bro to come home, and a bit nervous for Christmas day. I really want new lungs but can't imagine my daughter waking up Christmas morning and me not being there for her, me being in the hospital would kind of such. Double edge sword I guess. I discussed last night with my hubby that if thats the case then I want them to go and sleep somewhere so they can wake up to more than just the two of them, he agreed.
So the waiting continues....shit its hard. Nothing more to say on that.
I was feeling very crappy the last two days, tired, stomach aches, short of breath. Of course when I feel that I get paranoid, wonder if I will make it blah blah blah, your head plays games with you man and its hard not to dwell.
On a good note I ventured out did some Christmas shopping this weekend and felt good about it.
Physio tomorrow, group tomorrow, filled day at TGH.

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  1. I've just made my Christmas list too. A new set of lungs for Shannon tops the list. xx I would like my own personal masseuse as well.