Monday, December 28, 2009

Not Sure

Not sure what I want to write about today, I haven't posted in awhile due to the lack of stimulating life I lead at this time, but I did think of something clever to write last night while sleeping but now due to Oxygen brain i forgot!
Should I delve deep into my psyche (is that how you spell that? good teacher am I) and bring up all the things I really want to say or should I sugar coat it and say, all is fine, life is good, I feel okay?
Ha! thats a fucking laugh!!!!!!!!!!!! No life isn't okay , it blows right now. What makes it okay is family, friends and TV.
Ahhhh TV, sorry family and friends got to escape right now. TV what can i say Ellen, Law and Order, 90210, HGTV, Food Network, Fashion File, FT, Cityline, The Hills, The City....endless, mindless TV that I enjoy. Some may say I watch too much but hear me now when those new lungs come baby it will be me outside enjoying the outdoors with my family, so for now I enjoy TV.

Got to sleep
night TV my BFF

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  1. I hear ya! Before my transplant I didn't overdue things. It was a good day if I blow dried my hair and applied make-up :) I still tried to do some outdoor things I enjoyed. ..they were just extremely freakin hard to do. Keep on Keepin on~ I am sure you'll be unstoppable when you get your new lungs! Oh, and I had HGTV going on ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!