Thursday, March 4, 2010

Time flys when you have new lungs

I can't believe how much time flys. Days are filled with appointments, working out, pokes and proding. However, all is good and results have been positive. I am in clinic every 2 weeks now but I still work out 3 times a week in Toronto.
I have my 6 week bronch on Tuesday which is always a tx persons dream. Not! but it must be done so fingers crossed.
So where am I now with my new every day to the fullest breathing better every day. I go to bed early but during the day i am busy puttering around the house, doing household chores etc and playing with my little one. Charley has been so amazing through this whole ordeal (however a bit spoiled) I am trying to deal with her not listening and wanting everything she wants because for the last few months that is what she is used to. But its manageable. She says the cutest things like Mommy you look different today, you look like you are all better and fine. Tears come to my eyes as I realize that I must of looked bad before and maybe it scared her a bit. Oh life is strange and glorious.
I am off to physio today and then off for the weekend to enjoy my family friends and this weather we are having.
Oh yeah and we sold our house in 2 days!! so here we come new house in June!
see ya later

Saturday, February 6, 2010

One Month!

I can't believe its been one month already. Things have pregressed so amazingly I am in awe every day. I can breath! I can do what I used to do, walk, cook, take care of my little one, play etc.
I feel that as time goes on I will be writing less in my blog so I appologize in advanced.

Today is Saturday we had a fabulous day yesterday of pitter pattering around the house getting it ready to sell and putting things away. I am excited for the new house, sad to leave this street though. We have made so many new friends that really have been there for us during this crazy journey. Friends that cooked for us, helped out with Charley supported us. I hope to stay close with them.

Onward and upwards~


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Its truly amazing!

I can't tell you enough how amazing this feels to be able to walk around my home, hang out, help my daughter with every day things, cook without the assistance of oxygen or my PH medication.
I went out today (stayed in the car) but the only thing I brought was me! no oxygen, bags, medications, me myself and I, and a pillow to protect me in the car. So cool right?! I feel tired today though sleep hasn't been the easiest, I have to get up and pee constantly and then I get uncomfortable with the healing and incision. Its sore but I wouldnt say painful just achy. I can't complain though I really think so far I have done fabulous and feel at times worried its going to be taken away from me. I know I need to train my mind to think otherwise though or I will become one ball of paranoia.

We went to go see the new house, hasn't started to be built yet but we got to peek into a house that looks the same as ours, so great its going to be fab! I keep saying its smaller because it is but I know we wil get used to it and with all our fab design touches this house is really going to be fly.

talk soon

Thursday, January 28, 2010

comforts of home

So I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to be home. I was very anxious yesteday and still in my hospital state of shock. I hadn't shown any emotion for about 3 weeks then it hit me today. Tears of joy, pouring down. I can't beleive that I no longer am attached to the tubes I once was, the Flolan pump and I have divorced I got to keep the bags (coach, Danier etc.) and a little scar. No more oxygen you better beleive I called up the company today to pick up all the oxygen shit! Am I junping the gun? I thought of that too but right now, NO. Don't want to see another oxygen tube ever.

Besides that stuff, I woke up refreshed and to the pitter patter of my girls feet coming into my room giving me a morning kiss and hug, what more can a mommy ask for. I helped Charley get ready for school picking out her outfit for her (today she let me) and helping her get dressed, brushing her hair etc. What joy, it really hit me then that this is what I have been waiting for to have that "normal" feeling again, even though right now and I am sure for the rest of my life I won't be text book normal" but my new normal is great.

Of course the dynamic duo of mom and dad came over and helped out all day long, making sure I was ok and Charley was occupied. Dinner, dishes, shopping, laundry. I was tired watching my mom go the extra mile as she always days. Again tears of joy.

Second shift, Mcghee and Granda came by to say hi share baked goods and help out. What a support system I have I tell you I am so blessed.

I see excitement in my husbands eyes again, the worry has left him, he called me so many times today just to say hi to hear my voice at home gave him comfort and the ability to sleep again.

So tomorrow is the first day of physio on the other side the green card side and you bet your ass I will be walking in there with a huge smile!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So it looks like i will be discharged today. I have a Bronch first and a list of things to wait for but thats what they say. Its been 3 weeks about, already. I can't beleive it but I am doing great, walking on my own, did stairs yesterday which was weird because my leg muscles are so weak but I managed. Its been wonderful here though the nurses so helpful and all so positive which is what one needs been stuck here. I have had so much support from my family its been fabulous. Every day I have had someone here with me wether it be talking watching tv watching me sleep going for the round about walks on the floor its been comforting and well needed. I can't imagine no one coming to see me I would be going crazy.
The Journey is not over I am on the other side now, excited to be there let me tell you.
More to come.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New journey has begun ....lungs given as my gift Jan 7 1am!

yes its true forgive me if i spell alot wrong i need my glasses, i am here at TGH recovering going down to 7th floor today.
I got the gift of life Jan. 7 2010 at 1am. Got the call on the 6th by the time we went into surgery it was 1 am.
I am doing great walking talking eating joking,,,,,so far all is good except for the shakes!!!!!!!! my ahnd goes wild!
ciao for now
much love