Thursday, January 28, 2010

comforts of home

So I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to be home. I was very anxious yesteday and still in my hospital state of shock. I hadn't shown any emotion for about 3 weeks then it hit me today. Tears of joy, pouring down. I can't beleive that I no longer am attached to the tubes I once was, the Flolan pump and I have divorced I got to keep the bags (coach, Danier etc.) and a little scar. No more oxygen you better beleive I called up the company today to pick up all the oxygen shit! Am I junping the gun? I thought of that too but right now, NO. Don't want to see another oxygen tube ever.

Besides that stuff, I woke up refreshed and to the pitter patter of my girls feet coming into my room giving me a morning kiss and hug, what more can a mommy ask for. I helped Charley get ready for school picking out her outfit for her (today she let me) and helping her get dressed, brushing her hair etc. What joy, it really hit me then that this is what I have been waiting for to have that "normal" feeling again, even though right now and I am sure for the rest of my life I won't be text book normal" but my new normal is great.

Of course the dynamic duo of mom and dad came over and helped out all day long, making sure I was ok and Charley was occupied. Dinner, dishes, shopping, laundry. I was tired watching my mom go the extra mile as she always days. Again tears of joy.

Second shift, Mcghee and Granda came by to say hi share baked goods and help out. What a support system I have I tell you I am so blessed.

I see excitement in my husbands eyes again, the worry has left him, he called me so many times today just to say hi to hear my voice at home gave him comfort and the ability to sleep again.

So tomorrow is the first day of physio on the other side the green card side and you bet your ass I will be walking in there with a huge smile!!


  1. Feels good to be able to be back at home doing things, doesn't it? Feel free to follow my blog as well..I am a double lung recepient and it has been 8 months post transplant for me. I lived in the hospital for 8 months prior to tx and it felt great coming home! :)

  2. Congrats on your new lungs! I am about 18 months post tx... life is good!