Friday, November 20, 2009

November 20th 2009

What a day. I woke up in a weird mood, not wanting to go to physio at all, I mean its Friday for Christ sake! TGIF still means something to me even though I am not working right now, I still get the weekend with my family and hubby. Anywho....I saw the sun shining and my "coach" better known as Mom was not allowing me to stay home today, I was going to physio no matter what.

Going to physio is at times kind of depressing, the vibe isn't exactly your going to the gym looking hot vibe. Its mostly over 60 men and women with lung diseases and then there is me! We all look around at each other nod and smile and go about our business wearing our super stylish oxygen acutremonts (how do you spell that?). Its weird because we are really all in the same boat, waiting for that call all sporting the latest in Bell Beepers. I can't help to think where they are in the list and how long have they been waiting, some I know have been waiting for two years! I honestly don't think I have that long but thats another story. There is another side to physio though, it can be uplifting and positive for many reasons, one is sense of accomplishment when I finish my program and the other is meeting those fortunate people with the green cards, those are the ones that have been transplanted and are O2 free and are doing well.

Besides physio and my life being consumed lately by my illness, Twilight is out today and I can't wait to see it soon. What a crazy phenomenon this has become, the books rock , movie not too bad. I have been also reading Push the new book that Oprah made into a movie which is called Precious. Holy shit what a crazy life this girl lead, its a good book but disturbing and at times really gross, be warned.

Okay gonna sign off tonight and write more over the weekend. Thanks for reading......

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  1. I can't imagine how difficult it is to wait. I'm sure there it must be an unbelievable roller coaster. I think about you every day sweet woman, and send you heaps of Maritime love and best wishes..... AND for the record? If you're Momma wasn't bustin' your ass to get you to Physio, there would be a bunch of cousins making you!!