Saturday, November 21, 2009

Its a good day

Its a good day when you are able to spend it with family and look good doing it!

I got my haircut today, ahhhhhh I feel pretty once again. Man did I need that cut, my hair was so long (long for me) to my shoulders and just hung there. I got a cute shaggy bob still long for me and it looks great, next colouring the grey and roots. Stay tuned.

So alot was accomplished today saw my little monkey swim which was so great. She was showing off like a pro, front stroke, back stroke, diving under, Greg was laughing so hard, she never has done that before, but Mommy hasn't been there yet. She told me she wanted to do her best because I was there. Wow what a feeling.
I got my haircut and Puddy (our dog) did too, not at the same place though! Lookin good Marshalls.

Now its decorating time for Christmas. Putting up the lights, bows and garland outside. I can't wait!! What do I want for Christmas? GUESS!!!!


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  1. Shannon,
    I noticed you are following my blogs and I like to get to know people who join my blog. First off Thanks! Second I think you absolutely belong in the blogging world. I have enjoyed your post so far. I had the exact thing on my Christmas list in 2007....I hope "Santa" delivers :) I am going to link your blog on mine....I will keep you in my prayers. When you get lungs you will get the ride of your life ~ I also got to add that I LOVE that you named your IV pump Chad, Hillarious!